My Dog Matters

How do I get a my ‘My Dog Matters’ rewards card?

You can download the app and have the digital card on your mobile device or obtain a physical card at any municipality location, SPCA, Dog Pound or at our offices at 1450 K.L.O. Road.

You can also request that a personalized, printable card be emailed to you by emailing

I have licensed more than one dog. Do I get more than one card?

No, you only need one card. To receive discounts offered by participating businesses you will simply need to show your card to them at the time of purchase to show that you are a current licensed dog owner.

if there are two owners, can each owner get the app?>

Yes.  You can share your login information with them so they can also receive discounts. 

How long is the rewards card valid?

It's valid for one calendar year.  

Where can I use my ‘My Dog Matters’ Rewards Card?

You can use your 'My Dog Matters' card at any of the businesses taking part in the program.  A list of participating businesses, along with their offered discount, can be found on the Rewards page .

How can I become a Proud Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner of this program please fill out the form available on the Become a Proud Partner page.  The Regional District will be in contact with you as soon as possible after the form has been submitted.


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